October 23, 2010


Waiting for the doctor with some senior citizens. 
I went back to Makati Med last Thursday to see the internist referred by my HMO. The doctor's clinic is from 10-12 so I went there as early as 930. "You're first on the list," I was told. Pleased at this news, I settled myself on the not-so-comfy chair, read my book and waited patiently for the time when the sliding tab finally declares that "The doctor is in."

I was so engrossed at the book I was reading ("The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hossein) that I didn't even realize it was already about an hour since I arrived.

Meanwhile, the corridor swelled with patients already and the latecomers suffered the fate of having to stand or squat or sit on the floor waiting. Shortly before 12 noon, the doctor came, and a few minutes after, I was finally summoned to his clinic. 

Fortunately, my blood tests showed ok results. But I left the hospital probably with another affliction. Hypertension.

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