October 31, 2010

halloween fashion emergency

My husband came as a corpse, Chiquito-movies-style (hahaha). My nephew took an old cosplay outfit. 

As I didn't have time to prepare for the Halloween, I just decided to improvise and thought that with proper make-up and some black outfits (which I have a multitude of), I can just be a short-haired Morticia Adams or Bellatrix Lestrange.

But when the kids and I were sorting through their costumes, I dug up an old ladybug onesie which they used to wear as babies. As there is no chance that there will still be infants in the family, I had the hood cut to separate it from the neckline. The rest of the onesie was cut right smack in the middle to make for an instant vest. Voila! Instant Halloween costume. 

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