October 8, 2010


From the looks of it, October is one naughty kid dragging all of us by our feet. It started Monday, when I felt an inexplicable sense of gloom at the office that was so strong I wasn't able to sleep well that night. Tuesday, the negative energy persisted. 

Wednesday and Thursday became a bit better with the mood at the office slowly getting back to its original cheerio-state but by that time I was already feeling rather ill. 

Elsewhere, I know a lot of people getting sick as well, getting visits from Voldemort and his dementors, getting too overwrought, etc. etc. What is it about this week, this month, that made people so angry or downtrodden or melodramatic? 

Well, maybe I need not know the answer. All I know is I should lift this veil of sorrow and hurl it out the window. 

Expecto Patronum!

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