October 25, 2010

chocnut cheesecake

Our friends from Get Cre8ive, the company that processes our requests for Getty Images, sent a cake to our office one day. I think I was busy working on a pitch deck so I didn't join my officemates who feasted on it right away. I was oblivious at first to the howls of delight from the pantry (I don't like leaving a train of thought until I'm sure I have written it all down).

Until I heard the words....

"OMG!!!!! Saraaaaaaapppppppp......."

And just like that, I left my cube and dashed to the pantry, my ideas for the pitch deck abandoned and left floating in mid-air, to check on the cake that's causing this afternoon madness.

I got a small slice and upon the first bite, experienced a medley of salt and sweet melting, exploding simultaneously in my mouth. I am no foodie and therefore not very good at describing gastronomic sensations. All I could do upon tasting this heavenly concoction is to mutter under my breath with matching shake of the head....
"Ay, grabeeeeeeee......"

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