October 11, 2010


Photo of husband and his mini-me, Christmas 2009

The countdown to Christmas has started and Christmas carols are already being played in radio stations and in malls. Some people accept this with quiet resignation, some with resentment (commercializing a holy occasion, they say), while others welcome this with as much excitement as a 5-year old kid would.

Well, I belong to those who do not mind the Christmas air being floated around the moment the calendar hits the "-ber month". And why wouldn't I look forward to the holidays when it comes with this package?

  1. Nippy air.
  2. Parties, reunions, raffle prizes, gifts, shopping and other endorphin-inducing activities.
  3. Work gets slow until it halts completely by Christmas week. Clients usually take a leave after Christmas and us, Agency people, gladly follow suit.
  4. There's a solid energy of joy permeating the air. Everyone's generous not only with their time and money but also with loads of good behavior.

    So let me rest my weary head on my folded arms by the windowpane and dream of nippy night airs kissing my skin, of friends and strangers spreading Yule cheer, of abundance of grace, of long nights of slumber. Folks, it's only 74 days until Christmas.

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