September 4, 2010


There have been times in the past when Pinoys figured in the Twitter trending topic. I remember the time when John Lloyd became a hot topic because of an interview on his lovelife. Charice also merited a lot of hashtags because of a controversial Botox procedure.

So it is but fitting that another Pinoy topic, worthy this time of being on the worldwide trend, will create buzz not just on Twitter but on FB and in the mainstream news as well. And the timing is just perfect. The past days have been an endless stream of bad news from the hostage incident, which still depresses me no end. 

This new hashtag, Sentisabado, which is taking the digital space by storm as I speak, is a series of nostalgic posts, wistful thoughts, some funny and some downright hilarious tweets, about yesteryears. 

And boy, it is just as good as a bowl of Royco soup on a rainy night.

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