September 14, 2010

remembering 9/11

It was September 11, nighttime here in the Philippines. We were playing billiards in a bar in Ortigas that had TV screens suspended in the ceiling and I remember the din of that bar interrupted by a sudden quiet. One by one, the players stopped playing. Some seemed to have forgotten their beer bottles on the table as a group formed in front of the monitor, looking at the scene of the smoldering tower on CNN.

We couldn't understand what was happening at first. We thought it was just a fire or something but we still couldn't keep our eyes off the screen. Then came the scene of a plane crashing towards the second tower and I remember us responding to that scene in sheer horror.

In 2007, I visited Ground Zero. It had been six years since the attacks. But the inexplicable mixed feelings of devastation, anguish, compassion, terror and also anger was very much present and almost palpable at the scene of the crime. 

It has now been a tradition to honor the Twin Towers and the many lives lost in the attacks with the two beams of light piercing the New York night sky. Back here in our country, and I'm sure everywhere else in the world, we can only hold on to the symbol behind that tribute.

Beneath the rubble, hope shall spring forth. We will remember.

Reconstruction at Ground Zero.

From the many children who lost their parents.

Thousands of other stories on the wall.

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MultipleMum said...

I remember hearing about all the pregnant ladies who lost their husbands. Hard to believe those kids would all be 10ish now! I also visited Ground Zero (in 2004). A very moving experience. Let's hope it doesn't happen again huh? Nice to meet you SuperMac. Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind x