September 12, 2010


At work several buildings away, with no time to squeeze in lunch or even coffee with the birthday boy, I had to content myself with random checks on my husband's Facebook wall and felt so happy to see hundreds and hundreds of greetings for him (how could one have so many FB friends?). 

By end afternoon, I sent him my gift. 

He said he seriously thought this was my gift and did not even notice the little orange sticker on the pack that was really meant for his real "Bumblebee".

The day could have ended with our usual dinner date but I worked late and went home past midnight. By this time, I didn't even have the energy anymore to feel bad for not being physically present on his birthday. I was then very, very tired and my mind was focused already on the pitch. I gave up so much for this presentation and the least that I could do is to make it ultimately worthy of the sacrifice.

The following day, with the pitch done by morning, I slowed down and decompressed a bit, and by night went straight to his office for his party despite my aching joints screaming for sleep. 

Last night, we celebrated again with my family and a couple of friends and stayed up 'til 5 am drinking and just talking about the week past. 

Next Saturday, another party for him is in the works with the rest of our friends.

Whew! Stress, sadness, guilt, pressure, mad rush, deadly deadlines, exhaustion. Then relief, celebration. 

What a crazy week it has been.

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