September 3, 2010

happy place

Since my last post was reeking with despair, i just thought i had to find a good place where there is nothing but joy, good old fun, love and friendship.

One Saturday, when Mommy played with the princesses (quite literally that day). 

Halloween night. Japanese girls in action.

Duty Free. How my girls squealed in delight at the sight of goodies and treats.

Early morning walks in our village, where I clear my thoughts empty and just be acutely aware of details such as shadows, sunshine, greens and the other village hues I wouldn't otherwise have noticed at other times of the day.

"Daddy has a surprise for Mom!" A top secret spilled over breakfast because of kiddie whispers that are a tad too loud.

The new boy in the family, Bembol.

Afternoon walks with the family, Labs included.

A surprise from the husband, a no-occassion treat to me and my friends, sent straight to our office on a particularly happy day.

Oh, I feel good already. Thank you, thank you, thank You, for all the wonderful blessings of everyday life.


Wella said...

Love this post! :)

supermac said...

thanks, wella. soon, i shall blog about happy place, seven a.d. version ;-D