September 2, 2010


I wrote this as a backgrounder to a strategy a month ago:

There is a prevailing sense of renewed optimism among Filipinos after experiencing the first automated elections, which was generally perceived as a clean and honest exercise in suffrage.

Noynoy Aquino won an overwhelming victory and a very high post-election trust rating. Even non-believers sit up and take notice because his election platform of taking a hard line stance against corruption is greatly being fulfilled. He does walk his talk.

Noynoy speaks to the public in Filipino, in a very casual, folksy tone, and in terms that anybody can understand. He gives the usual promises of better infrastructure, investment planning, etc., but what resonates most to the Pinoys are the little, but nonetheless significant things: walang wang-wang, walang kota-kota, wang tongpats.

The social climate during the inaugurations and the SONA is very positive, hopeful and also infectious. 

Suddenly, it's cool to be forthright and honest again.

Then I proceeded to write the strat in casual Pinoy lingo, my very first strat I think, written like so. But the project was deferred to give way to a major pitch. And just when we're ready to do this, the unbelievably horrific hostage incident involving HK victims happened.

Now I'm at a loss on where to take this project. After the atrocious murder of the HK tourists, the blunder after blunder committed by the media, police, the government, what do we say about the Pinoy citizens now? What do we say about PNoy?

This post is not so much about work as it is about the sorry state we found ourselves in. Just a month back, the spirit of the Philippines is imbued with so much pride, so much positivism. And with one tragic twist of fate, everything seems to be gone, all gone.

Tell me, where do we go from here?

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