September 17, 2010


Today we got the official word from Client that we won the Xenical pitch. The pitch that I sacrificed my husband's birthday for. The pitch that we worked on for only two days. Two days!

We bested four other advertising agencies, three of them high-powered multinationals and two of them my former employers. When we were seated in the lobby waiting for our turn, we saw the agency before us descending from the conference room in the second floor. There were a number of foreigners and industry stalwarts in that team and had we not conditioned and motivated ourselves well, we could've shrunk in fear just at the mere sight of this power group.

I looked at our motley crew of young Pinoys with nothing but a strong gut and a brave heart. Our work certainly did not look like a product of just two backbreaking days of intense brainstorming, frenetic writing of the complan and factory-line style of creative development. It was well thought out, polished and strung tightly at the seams. 

We left the presentation confident that we had a good chance of winning. And today, the word is out. We did win. 

Now it's time to drink and celebrate with the husband.

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