September 12, 2010

birthday boy

Last September 8 was my husband's birthday. For the first time in the roughly 15 years that we were together, we spent it apart because I had to work on an advertising pitch that week. The presentation date had to be scheduled at 10:00, September 9 and I had no choice but to work late several nights in a row, his birthday included.

Yes, our work can sometimes be ruthlessly demanding. But it is something that my husband has graciously accepted and understood. So in the early morning of September 8, just after midnight struck, I took a break from work and posted this on Facebook.

It was "liked" by family and friends and a barrage of comments followed after that post-- a post by the way, that is already sweet by my standards as I am the type who really does not want a public display of mush. 

Nobody probably knew that as I type that earnest prayer, a certain sadness has befallen in my quiet room.

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