September 4, 2010

back to the future

I do not know exactly when it started or what exactly my reasons are for liking it. But I do adore back shots.

Is it the mystery it evokes? Is it the uncertainty of this motion- the moving forward and the leaving something behind? Or is it just the mere casualness of the moment? 

Whatever it is, I want you, back.

My cousin, Maret, in South Beach.

My husband's cousin, Jemae, at a weekend party in our clubhouse.

That's me in a Batangas beach, taken by our Creative Director in San Miguel.

My husband, Jake, running his first 21k.

Friends' kiddos, Indie and Derek, in our clubhouse.

My children, beautiful even from the back, on their first day of school last year.

My husband and bunso, Laila, in Punta Fuego.

And finally, some shots from a blog I'm following, Running From Camera.

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