June 3, 2010

the journey to change

we live in the south but we vote in qc (me) and marikina (hubby). the road to the north was nice and easy.

when we got to the qc area, the streets turned dirty. every possible space was covered with campaign paraphernalia. 

but nothing prepared me for the amount of flags and buntings that flooded the street near the polling precinct. 

once inside, i searched for my old name (maiden) with my old address (mother's). i got the form and completed it in no time at all because of my ever reliable codigo. the much maligned pcos machine didn't throw a tantrum at our precinct and ate the form right away. the whole thing was done in 15 minutes. 

that same night, we already got updates on the electoral results. my president didn't get many votes.

the following morning, it already appears that noynoy has a commanding lead over the next candidate. of all the senators that i voted for, only drilon got in.

everyone's euphoric at the speed by which the votes were tallied and the speed by which they learned of their candidates' victory. some were disgruntled because of their candidates' defeat. but not me. i toiled at my choices because i wanted to select people that i respect and when i shaded those little circles on the sheet, i have come to terms already with the fact that some might win and some might lose.

meanwhile, i urge my friends who are still reeling from the results of the elections to graciously accept the voice of the majority.

the dirt of the election paraphernalia have been cleared. the president and his vp will soon be proclaimed. we have no choice but to cross the threshold of change.

they say this nation can be great again. 


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