June 13, 2010

hello kitty versus gundam

i'm reposting here a facebook photo album from my husband, jake, who featured a funny story about our youngest daughter, laila.

it started when jake went home with this robot called gundam (i am obviously not well-informed about the ways of the boys). laila took an interest in piecing it together with her dad.

then on a whim, she decided to make hello kitty and gundam fight. she armed hello kitty with a gun......

...and a sword.

and so the battle begins, with laila arming gundam to the teeth. by now you know where her loyalty lies.

now this one is quite a disturbing shot. on second thought, i question jake's decision to bring this robot called gundam to our otherwise happy, peaceful and girly-girl household ;-)

a few seconds after, hello kitty dies. in her fabulous kimono. the end.

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