May 7, 2010

my president

i have 3 presidential candidates on my list: gordon, gibo, noynoy. 

i like noynoy because of the purity of his intentions. i believe him when he says he will put an end to corruption. but i am disappointed by his zero performance in the senate and congress. i don't like his slacker attitude. he strikes me as a wimp and i'm not sure if he can withstand the enormous task of governing a nation. 

i like gibo because of his legendary brilliance and character. he is the only one i know who did not resort to mudslinging throughout the campaign. i am impressed by his personality and i got even more impressed when i read the quiet fortitude he displayed even when he was in college. he is focused on the issues and maybe he will be the greatest president we can ever have. but he is gma's boy toy by virtue of his being an admin candidate. and i can't help but think that when gibo gets elected, gma will go scot-free from all the corruption issues against her. if gma's party gets the executive positions, the senate and the congress, it won't be long before she gets to be prime minister (why would she rush midnight appointments in the judiciary if she does not have an agenda of extending her power?).

i like gordon. he was in fact, my original choice because of his credentials. but he's a dick and worse, he relishes being one. what does that say about his character?

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