April 1, 2010

a short love affair with san francisco

"san francisco is a golden handcuff with the key thrown away." - john steinbeck

"san francisco only has one drawback. 'tis hard to leave." - rudyard kipling

thus said these great writers. so my expectations before stepping foot were high. and it did not disappoint.

still dazed from the 14-hour flight, i went straight to chinatown with my friend, lot legaspi, then walked to this shopping district. 

twin peaks. we had an incredible view of the entire city (that must be an exaggeration but that was what it felt like). we could see everything from here. from a distance, we could see the bridge, the crooked road, the alcatraz island, the famous houses. with this postcard-view plus the very cold weather, i couldn't help but think, "wow. i am in america."

coit tower. there's some history behind this i wasn't aware of at the time of the visit. but even as i was ignorant of its background, i was instinctive enough to pay respects as i felt that i was standing near a very important structure.

lombard road. with my brother, louie, who gave us a grand tour of the city despite his extremely busy schedule. this was taken at the famous crookedest road in the world. we walked down from end to end and wondered how the residents of the lovely houses that wall the street must've felt like, with the crazy  twists and turns of their daily living.

sausalito. another picturesque community in san francisco. everything here is beautiful. even the trash can looked poetic in the way it was deployed ;-)

golden gate. amazingly long and marvelously engineered. foggy, that day was. but it didn't dampen my excitement at finally beholding the magnificent bridge.

dropped by ghirardelli to shop for pasalubong. here i was talking to my husband and kids on the phone and i couldn't help but cry. 

ironically, this charming city can also make you feel so lonely. for the experience would have been more complete if you shared something so rich and so beautiful with loved ones you left back home.

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