April 17, 2010

and the winner is...

i only got to watch inglourious basterds, avatar and hurt locker on dvd recently, post-oscar awards. naturally, the benefit of knowing which won will affect your appreciation of the movie and will create a natural bias for films which garnered the most number of metals.

my personal vote though, however insignificant it is, goes to inglourious basterds. avatar is technically spectacular it is such a shame i didn't watch it on the big screen. but it is too pop, too cheesy, too much of a crowd-pleaser for me. 

hurt locker is a brilliant film that is possibly more difficult to produce and direct than avatar. watching it makes you feel like you're also in ground zero. the heat, the tension, the fear and loneliness is just so raw and so real you can almost taste it. but to me, it is just a straight-line depiction of the war. it is devoid of hollywood which is on the one hand impressive, but on the other hand, dragging and lifeless. 

now, my thoughts about inglourious basterds can best be described by my tweet last march 13 about the movie which says: "inglourious basterds: black humor, unrestrained violence, campy scenes here and there, contrapunto scoring, wildly tarantino. i so love it." 

i really liked the way he created a parallel ending to hitler's existence and it is quite delicious to imagine which of the two plots in the movie will succeed. the characters, the scenes, the dialogue are unforgettable. it is vintage tarantino. unapologetic. unconventional. 

quentin is probably one bastard who couldn't care less what his audience will think for as long as he could carry on his vision for his films. in the end, his films come out well-polished, engaging, memorable, iconic and very much oscar-worthy of a best picture award.

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