March 19, 2010

new york city: from the eyes of a pinay

here are a few samples of fabulous places i visited and fabulous poses i've made ;-)

the new york subway
the most intricate underground transit system i ever saw in my entire life. in the philippines, our train system has an artery that just flows from north to south, south to north. and if you're quite used to that kind of train route, the new york subway map will scare the shit out of you with its complicated web of lines, colors, and platforms. 

central park
my carrie bradshaw moment. i love feeling the manhattan vibe, especially on that day when i visited. i was told it was the first time the sun shone down on them after a long period of cold. so out went the half-naked men roller-blading in the park, half-naked men sleeping on the grass with their dogs, women sitting on benches reading books. there were just a lot of beautiful people that day. so i felt so beautiful as well ;-) 

strawberry fields
also in central park. on the circular pathway inscribed with "imagine" were fans singing lennon songs. there were candles, flowers, letters decorating the pathway. 

a few steps from strawberry fields is dakota building, john lennon's apartment. i remember inhaling the air deeply that day, drinking in the view that john lennon saw and the steps that he took.

times square
instead of the humongous billboards and the blinding neon lights, i chose another iconic image of manhattan, the nypd.

i went to see "rent" with my sister. i wanted to watch more plays but couldn't afford it anymore. new york is a wonderful place and they make sure you get fined heavily for all the wonders of the city.

famous buildings
so i took the cheapest form of entertainment in new york: ogling at the architecture, the construction details, the sculptural masterpieces of its famous structures.

these pictures make new york new york. the city is just so vibrant, so alive and truly larger than life.

last but not the least. and this needs no words.


Helter Skelter said...

nice...makes me want to visit NY again! why didn't I see you? what was I doing then? lol..ano year ba to?

supermac said...

haha. 2007 pa.

supermac said...

thanks to my fab sisters, cari and cleo, for the fab shots.