March 14, 2010

manny "pacman" pacquiao vs. clottey; uneventful

i am quite noisy when i watch a pacquiao fight on tv. i yell, i hoot, i scream "go manny!" as if i were actually watching it live. i also get physical. i jump up and down, i throw punches in the air, and i pummel our throw pillow after a good round! i drink beer, i get nervous and stressed out. that's how involved i get everytime there is a pacman fight.

but for today's game, i was---calm. thanks to clottey who only fought 2-3 rounds out of 12, the whole game looked like pacquiao's training session, with clottey acting as a veritable punching bag. i really thought his strategy was to tire out pacman and then give him an explosive, KO-inducing punch towards the middle of the fight. but then round 7 came, then 8, 9...and still, nothing from clottey?

and so for the first time, i just sit back, and just reveled at manny pacquiao's form and skill as an extraordinary boxer. it's amazing how many punches he can throw in one second, and how powerful each one is. i love it when i can hear snippets of instructions from his coach, like how he should aim at the shoulder to weigh clottey down and force him to expose his face. 

the excitement actually only started in round 11, when the commentator said that pacman was asked to be careful as clottey might do a suicide fight and give it his all and so he should just take it easy, as he already obviously won all rounds. but pacman launched a suicide commando as well, blinding clottey with his rapid-fire punches. each pinoy in that cowboy stadium must have howled in delight, seeing fpj come to life.

as for clottey, let's give it to the man that he survived manny pacquiao's punches. but baby, please remember that boxing is a two-way fight.

go, pacman! as always, you made us proud of being pinoy.

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