March 19, 2010


when i came to visit my sister in new jersey, and she announced that we'd take a trip to niagara, i said wow, sure. it's in new york and my concept of new york is one train ride away from new jersey so it should be near. little did i know that the trip would take 8 hours (but that already included a shopping break in pennsylvannia and a casino trip somewhere). 

on the way to niagara, i came to know the side of new york outside manhattan. and it was just as breathtaking.

along the way, we made a happy discovery in aiello ristorante, located in a rural town in new york. it's a bit pricey but the food was so fresh, so authentically italian. and the restaurant itself exudes an old world charm.

as we arrived close to midnight already, we checked in first at hyatt regency buffalo, then woke up early to start the grand tour.

the whole place is just too big to traverse. we took a train, we walked through various parks (like the one shown on photo. my two sisters and i have been living in different parts of the world for so many years now so this trip was a reunion of sorts.), and finally, we took a boat.

first glimpse of the waters. it starts off with a gentle flow.

a few steps still, and you'll notice the waters getting a little rough and noisy.

then there it was, a panoramic view of the niagara falls. it was an awesome sight and i thought this was already the most spectacular view of the falls. i was to discover later that i was wrong.

we went to another bridge that allowed us a closer look of the falls. you can feel the mist already from this vantage point and the effect was already exhilarating. 

then we took the "cave of the winds" tour where we felt the effect of violent rains. i clung tightly on the bridge when i posed for this picture as i thought i would be thrown away by the sheer force of the waters. 

finally, we took the "maid of the mist" boat ride, the only trip that would allow for the closest possible range to the falls. and closing in on this humongous, voluminous, torrential gush, you would also naturally feel how miniscule you are in the whole scheme of things.

one thing also crossed my mind as i experienced niagara: that there indeed, is a God.

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