March 18, 2010

confessions of a newbie blogger

i am such a technomoron so people find it really weird that i embrace technology with so much passion. back when people didn't find the need to buy a celphone, i already had a high-tech, sms-ready phone even when nobody back then even heard of text messaging yet.

i once owned a palm pilot, learned to write fast the special characters on the screen, brought it to all my meetings and stored all my notes there while my officemates struggled writing on their notebooks.

my husband and i bought individual ipods when music can very well be shared in the house, especially since he also bought for me a jbl ipod dock. in return, i bought him a wii. and our last conjugal purchase was a nikon dslr.

i was one of the first to get into friendster. i also got hooked on multiply, and now, twitter (fb is another story altogether which will probably merit its own write-up someday).

my celphones became more high-tech than ever through the years. before i bought my iphone 3gs, the last model i used was the sublime sony ericsson experia. i am also using a macbook pro, even if its wonderful technology is wasted on me because i do not use a lot of its applications.

so now, i am beginning to blog. i could have been more prolific had i only known earlier what to do. but see, i only started to learn how to move pictures last month, courtesy of a friend who is an expert blogger. 

when she opened my blogsite, i almost got a whipping from her for using a very small font with a very hazy font color against a black background. it's as if, she said, you don't want anyone to see what you write. and the biggest shocker of all is when she found out that i followed my own blog!!! 

so here i am, scratching my head and trying to find out how to unfollow my blog, haha, still stressing about how i can insert the pictures that must go with the write-up, wondering what to put on the label, struggling overall on how to navigate blogspot.

that's me. scared shit about technology. but embracing the fear so well.

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