March 19, 2010


when i came to visit my sister in new jersey, and she announced that we'd take a trip to niagara, i said wow, sure. it's in new york and my concept of new york is one train ride away from new jersey so it should be near. little did i know that the trip would take 8 hours (but that already included a shopping break in pennsylvannia and a casino trip somewhere). 

on the way to niagara, i came to know the side of new york outside manhattan. and it was just as breathtaking.

along the way, we made a happy discovery in aiello ristorante, located in a rural town in new york. it's a bit pricey but the food was so fresh, so authentically italian. and the restaurant itself exudes an old world charm.

as we arrived close to midnight already, we checked in first at hyatt regency buffalo, then woke up early to start the grand tour.

the whole place is just too big to traverse. we took a train, we walked through various parks (like the one shown on photo. my two sisters and i have been living in different parts of the world for so many years now so this trip was a reunion of sorts.), and finally, we took a boat.

first glimpse of the waters. it starts off with a gentle flow.

a few steps still, and you'll notice the waters getting a little rough and noisy.

then there it was, a panoramic view of the niagara falls. it was an awesome sight and i thought this was already the most spectacular view of the falls. i was to discover later that i was wrong.

we went to another bridge that allowed us a closer look of the falls. you can feel the mist already from this vantage point and the effect was already exhilarating. 

then we took the "cave of the winds" tour where we felt the effect of violent rains. i clung tightly on the bridge when i posed for this picture as i thought i would be thrown away by the sheer force of the waters. 

finally, we took the "maid of the mist" boat ride, the only trip that would allow for the closest possible range to the falls. and closing in on this humongous, voluminous, torrential gush, you would also naturally feel how miniscule you are in the whole scheme of things.

one thing also crossed my mind as i experienced niagara: that there indeed, is a God.

new york city: from the eyes of a pinay

here are a few samples of fabulous places i visited and fabulous poses i've made ;-)

the new york subway
the most intricate underground transit system i ever saw in my entire life. in the philippines, our train system has an artery that just flows from north to south, south to north. and if you're quite used to that kind of train route, the new york subway map will scare the shit out of you with its complicated web of lines, colors, and platforms. 

central park
my carrie bradshaw moment. i love feeling the manhattan vibe, especially on that day when i visited. i was told it was the first time the sun shone down on them after a long period of cold. so out went the half-naked men roller-blading in the park, half-naked men sleeping on the grass with their dogs, women sitting on benches reading books. there were just a lot of beautiful people that day. so i felt so beautiful as well ;-) 

strawberry fields
also in central park. on the circular pathway inscribed with "imagine" were fans singing lennon songs. there were candles, flowers, letters decorating the pathway. 

a few steps from strawberry fields is dakota building, john lennon's apartment. i remember inhaling the air deeply that day, drinking in the view that john lennon saw and the steps that he took.

times square
instead of the humongous billboards and the blinding neon lights, i chose another iconic image of manhattan, the nypd.

i went to see "rent" with my sister. i wanted to watch more plays but couldn't afford it anymore. new york is a wonderful place and they make sure you get fined heavily for all the wonders of the city.

famous buildings
so i took the cheapest form of entertainment in new york: ogling at the architecture, the construction details, the sculptural masterpieces of its famous structures.

these pictures make new york new york. the city is just so vibrant, so alive and truly larger than life.

last but not the least. and this needs no words.

March 18, 2010

confessions of a newbie blogger

i am such a technomoron so people find it really weird that i embrace technology with so much passion. back when people didn't find the need to buy a celphone, i already had a high-tech, sms-ready phone even when nobody back then even heard of text messaging yet.

i once owned a palm pilot, learned to write fast the special characters on the screen, brought it to all my meetings and stored all my notes there while my officemates struggled writing on their notebooks.

my husband and i bought individual ipods when music can very well be shared in the house, especially since he also bought for me a jbl ipod dock. in return, i bought him a wii. and our last conjugal purchase was a nikon dslr.

i was one of the first to get into friendster. i also got hooked on multiply, and now, twitter (fb is another story altogether which will probably merit its own write-up someday).

my celphones became more high-tech than ever through the years. before i bought my iphone 3gs, the last model i used was the sublime sony ericsson experia. i am also using a macbook pro, even if its wonderful technology is wasted on me because i do not use a lot of its applications.

so now, i am beginning to blog. i could have been more prolific had i only known earlier what to do. but see, i only started to learn how to move pictures last month, courtesy of a friend who is an expert blogger. 

when she opened my blogsite, i almost got a whipping from her for using a very small font with a very hazy font color against a black background. it's as if, she said, you don't want anyone to see what you write. and the biggest shocker of all is when she found out that i followed my own blog!!! 

so here i am, scratching my head and trying to find out how to unfollow my blog, haha, still stressing about how i can insert the pictures that must go with the write-up, wondering what to put on the label, struggling overall on how to navigate blogspot.

that's me. scared shit about technology. but embracing the fear so well.

March 14, 2010

manny "pacman" pacquiao vs. clottey; uneventful

i am quite noisy when i watch a pacquiao fight on tv. i yell, i hoot, i scream "go manny!" as if i were actually watching it live. i also get physical. i jump up and down, i throw punches in the air, and i pummel our throw pillow after a good round! i drink beer, i get nervous and stressed out. that's how involved i get everytime there is a pacman fight.

but for today's game, i was---calm. thanks to clottey who only fought 2-3 rounds out of 12, the whole game looked like pacquiao's training session, with clottey acting as a veritable punching bag. i really thought his strategy was to tire out pacman and then give him an explosive, KO-inducing punch towards the middle of the fight. but then round 7 came, then 8, 9...and still, nothing from clottey?

and so for the first time, i just sit back, and just reveled at manny pacquiao's form and skill as an extraordinary boxer. it's amazing how many punches he can throw in one second, and how powerful each one is. i love it when i can hear snippets of instructions from his coach, like how he should aim at the shoulder to weigh clottey down and force him to expose his face. 

the excitement actually only started in round 11, when the commentator said that pacman was asked to be careful as clottey might do a suicide fight and give it his all and so he should just take it easy, as he already obviously won all rounds. but pacman launched a suicide commando as well, blinding clottey with his rapid-fire punches. each pinoy in that cowboy stadium must have howled in delight, seeing fpj come to life.

as for clottey, let's give it to the man that he survived manny pacquiao's punches. but baby, please remember that boxing is a two-way fight.

go, pacman! as always, you made us proud of being pinoy.