February 6, 2010

2010 resolutions

i wasn't able to post this last january but then again, i thought resolutions need not be made at the start of the year. any time is as good a time as any to rectify your mistakes and be a better person. or to feel really, really good just at the thought of making these resolutions.

1. buy christmas gifts early.
2. remember people’s birthdays. drop a note that makes them feel loved and special. 
3. eat more veggies.
4. walk around the village 3-5X a week. run regularly, eventually.
5. use the clubhouse gym and pool more frequently. (but first, learn how to swim.)
6. teach the kids how to play the guitar.
7. teach the kids how to play the piano (but first, have the piano fixed.)
8. teach the kids some choreographed numbers, just for fun.
9. sew some fabulous patchwork blankets.
10. pick up a brush and do some watercolor artworks.
11. write some more.
12. travel some more.
13. eat while drinking.
14. drink more wine than beer.
15. watch more films.
16. funky-fy my old clothes.
17. do some housework.
18. write and draw a storybook for the kids.
19. do something sweet for the husband (because i'm not really a sweet person. but i must try.)
20. go to church regularly. 

mmmm...sweet thoughts.


Helter Skelter said...

whoaa! aliwness! you have a blog! natawa naman ako sa resolution #17 :))

supermac said...

hahaha. kailangan magpanggap sa mga bagets. baka lumaki kagaya ko ;-)