January 31, 2010

childhood scars

i've accumulated quite a lot of scars through all the years of my existence here on earth. i remember each one, even if the years seem to have faded them away.

a small dot on my left arm. the only visible reminder of chicken pox i acquired when i was probably less than 5 years old. this was probably the only time i got confined in a hospital as a kid.

a long scrape on my right arm. from playing patintero. my playmate, the "guard", had a fleeting unguarded moment, and in my rush to cross the line, i went straight to our neighbor's chicken wire fence. 

ugly wounds on both knees. from playing moro-moro, shato, tumbang preso.

a scar on my forehead. from my first venture in biking. i remember banging my head really hard on a neighbor's wall. but i proudly got up and rode my bike again, only to hear my friends yelp in horror at the sight of my tomato-sized bukol.

these are ugly scars, which have turned into beautiful reminders of my youth. i remember getting nasty cuts and getting hurt real bad. but really, i don't remember ever crying over the pain brought about by childhood games.

so if i get wounded again, i shall remember those times when i was so young. yet so unafraid.