November 1, 2009

quixotic dreams

this week, i heard a story from a friend about today's local politics and how guns, goons and gold still prevail. my heart aches at the thought that my vote might be useless in the face of widespread cheating that will possibly occur.
i look at the sorry state of our country and how it continues to deteriorate because of the sheer greed for money and power by the very people that we ourselves put in their respective positions.

i look at my candidates for national and local positions. there are very, very few in politics i trust. i can count them with one hand. but these people give me hope because they voice the same distrust and disgust for the officials that are currently in power.

but when my candidates succeed, will they really change my city and my country? are we going to finally taste a sense of change and progress? or will they just be like the people they replaced? lured by new riches. blinded by power. 

i've been voting for a long time already. and as a citizen of this country, i am beginning to feel again the excitement of having in our midst a new breed of politicians who can effect real change. but this friend of mine just pricked this bubble of idealism in my head and painted a picture of a dirty, dishonest elections in the philippines. now and forever.

it makes me want to cry. but for now, i choose not to shed a tear just yet. i choose to look at the world with rose-colored lenses. i choose to believe that the people will not allow dirt and blood to taint their ballots. i choose to believe that the people will remain vigilant and will protect their votes. i choose to believe. even when others have stopped believing.

God bless Pinas.