September 16, 2009

star cinema's "in my life": a kind of anguish you've never experienced before

i just had to watch it on day one, at lunchtime, with officemates and clients willingly playing hooky with me. after all, this is ate vi's movie. and with john lloyd yet. and with a gay theme. so this is one movie i cannot not see.

and it did not disappoint. luis manzano is a revelation. you'd really believe he's a pinoy gay in new york. that descriptor alone is hard enough to embody in a film. but to do it while acting with the likes of his mother and john lloyd make it even more challenging for a relative neophyte like him.

let us not even talk about ate vi. she's expected to act well in any movie. she's expected to deliver supremely. so yes, you just have to let her take you along for an emotional ride. and what a ride it is. prepare to experience anguish like you've never experienced anguish before.

now john lloyd. wow. this guy is unbelievable. brilliant. world-class. i walked out of the theatre still in shock at the kind of acting he can wield, even in the presence of a super-actor like vilma santos. 

it's not everyday that you are treated to an extraordinary pinoy film. so i hope this movie makes a lot of money. it sure makes playing hooky worth it. every minute of it.

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