September 19, 2009

rediscovering yoko ono

a lot of people do not really like yoko ono because she supposedly caused the split up of the greatest band of all time, the beatles. as a john lennon fan, i must admit i am one of those who do not think of yoko kindly. and yet, i can't help but be immensely impressed by her whole persona. she is obviously brilliant (not just intelligent, but brilliant) with profound and unconventional views and insights on things. she is obviously a good person, who constantly advocates the idea of loving the world we live in. and yet she does not impose her convictions on people who do not care to listen. 

looking at her pictures and videos with john lennon, she looked dispassionate beside her intense husband. but rediscovering yoko through twitter and her blogs, i realize she is like john lennon himself- -a deep thinker who believes in the basic goodness of people and who constantly dreams of a better universe for us all.

no wonder john fell head over heels in love with her. i've fallen in love with yoko as well. when i grow up, i want to be like her.

here are some of my favorite lines from her yokoq&a blog.

Why did you split up the beatles?
I didn’t.

When will there be surcease of sorrow? 
Don’t avoid sorrow. Sorrow teaches you. And the tears make you stronger and more beautiful.

If you could relive one day over again, what day would that be?  
The day John and I met the first time. I just want to know what was happening. it must have been some miraculous day for us. We knew it, and we didn’t at the same time…

What’s more important: knowledge or faith? 

In your relationship w/ John that was filled w/ so many pleasant moments, what one of those moments stands out to you the most? 
Every day we were together was very, very special.

What do you find most puzzling about the world? 
Things are puzzling only when you don’t understand them. All things are clear and waiting for us to understand.

What is your perception of time? how do you perceive the immediacy of the present moment with the long view of history? 
I don’t separate the two. The present moment can be an eternity in time. History can be a blip in your memory.

How do you deal with the passing of time. I miss being young. And miss people and places too long gone. Your thoughts? 
They are not gone. You are now carrying them in your thoughts. They give you pleasure each time you think of them.

How fast must you move before you reach your top speed and achieve stillness? 
You don’t have to move at all to achieve stillness. Do you?

What kind of food do you eat when you’re depressed / happy? 
I think of eating chocolate, when I’m depressed. And I try not to eat it, because I have enough wisdom to know that it would depress me more if I did. Oh, there’s something I do to get out of depression. I walk about 80 city blocks. That gives me a real high. When I’m happy…. do you want to eat anything when you are really, really happy? I don’t.

Do you feel like you’ve come full circle with the release of this album and working with Sean?  I don’t know what you mean by full circle – sounds like you’re talking about the end of the line. I think it is more like we came to the top of the spiral together- to start again from the bottom.

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