August 24, 2009


i just can’t believe my kids who are aged 6 and 5, can have a vocabulary wider than most 40-year olds I know. i have listed a few of their usual mutterings here and you be the judge:

  1. after getting her shots, “i’m still quite shaken.”
  2. looking at an old picture of her tito ves, “he looks roguish.”
  3. “that’s preposterous.” when I asked her what she meant by preposterous, her sister said matter-of-factly,  “ridiculous”.
  4. “i’m exhausted.” 
  5. "i had a horrible dream."
  1. “it just vanished!”
  2. “mom, please help me with my diabolical plan against rats.”
  3. “you crazy little munchkin.”  
  4. "holy mackerel!"
special thanks to disney channel and nickelodeon. i wouldn’t have done it any better.

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