August 25, 2009

random things about me

1.   i’m a crybaby.
2.   i love all the fire colors: red, orange, vermillion.
3.  my fashion style is funky, quirky. but I also like wearing classic cuts on days when i have to look “responsible”.
4.  i take my coffee black, without sugar.
5.  i don’t like going to the malls.
6.  i’d rather pay in credit card because counting money is difficult for me.
7.  i love beer, cigarettes and long conversations. wine in-between days is fine, too. i love to par-tey.
8.  i eat slowly.  i have an almost zen-like attitude towards food.
9.  i laugh easily and i’m happy and stable most days of my life. but my once-in-a-while drama fits can be wow, spectacularly cinematic.
10. you can only bring me to the cinemas or get me to watch a dvd, if the movie is really, really great, or at the very least, beautiful. i can also go to out-and-out-stupid-funny but well thought-out movies. or light but decent films. actually, i can dig any film, for as long as it does not shortchange and insult me as a viewer.
11. i am such a book vulture. i always end the day reading a book, no matter how tired I am or how late it is.
12. i don’t know how to cook but i love reading cookbooks.
13. i love reading maps especially of provinces or countries that i get to visit for the first time. but more to have an understanding of the city’s urban planning than getting directions (for i am a direction-moron). obviously, manila’s urban planning really, really sucks compared to other cities in the world.
14. i taught myself how to play the guitar at 10. and i taught myself how to read notes and play the piano at 12. sadly, i never progressed from the basics. what a waste of the miniscule musical talent i have.
15. i’m a big fan of john lennon and the rest of the beatles, and bruce lee.
16. my heroes are rizal, ninoy/cory (yes, a singular entity, as far as i'm concerned) and gandhi.
17. i love my country. fiercely.
18. i love my family. fiercely.
19. i have radical views about organized religion.
20. i love my advertising job and it’s something i’m willing to get up in bed for for the rest of my life.
21. i want to learn how to write and paint.
22. i want to learn how to sew and crochet. and i couldn’t care less what my friends will think nor say about this lola adventures.
23. i am a black and white person. grays, fence-sitters, spineless creatures do not sit well with me.
24. i value my weekends, my breaks, my privacy. the world owns me mondays to fridays. the rest of the week, i'd rather keep sacred.
25. i live below my means. 


Helter Skelter said...

... and she taught me ballet when I was just a clueless kid lol!

supermac said...

hahaha. to the tune of "fur elise".